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Reverse Logistics

Fonebiz is a specialist in the industry at providing smart reverse logistics services encompassing integrated IT solutions to large organisations dealing with high volume or the single end user. Sophisticated, internally-developed systems integrated with our customers and global freight providers ensure a smooth and cost effective service from your locations or your customers to the Fonebiz hub. Once there, dedicated teams further maximise efficiencies across a range of activities, which include:

  • DOA/ELF assessments and high level repair escalations
  • Repair and refurbishment of devices back to manufacturer standards
  • Complete end-to-end swap pool management
  • Forward shipping capabilities
  • Product regeneration activities and certified data wiping
  • Buy back scheme program activities including grading, sorting and re-packaging
  • Dealer repairs
  • End user repairs

With in-depth industry experience and intelligent systems, Fonebiz has a suite of reverse logistic options that will provide your business with a range of benefits including, fast turn-around times, minimisation of unnecessary touch points and handling, customer triggered courier pick-up's, real-time stock visibility and ultimately savings over your current cost levels. We understand that the industry we support is complex and that organisations have many different needs. With industry leading expertise and smart systems, Fonebiz has the flexibility to tailor a solution that brings maximum benefit to your business model.


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