Our Company

Fonebiz was founded in Australia in 1995. Today, Fonebiz provides award-winning, industry-leading repairs and complete service solutions for manufacturers of mobile phones and other portable products across three countries.

Through years of experience providing quality service with a personal approach, Fonebiz gained the respect of dealers and manufacturers alike. Sound business management saw Fonebiz invest heavily in repair facilities, quality control, systems, reverse logistics, swap management, customer service and most importantly, its people. Continued focus in all areas of the business enabled solid, controlled growth and positioned Fonebiz to become the industry benchmark in Australia. Fonebiz is now the largest accredited independently owned multi-brand mobile phone repair service company in Australia.

The methodology behind the delivery of services across all operations is constantly reviewed. Ultimately, this ensures that the quality of service received by the customer is always unmatched by others.

Fonebiz is proud of the long term relationships forged with all customers. Trust and confidence in the business has been a fundamental factor in the success story. Fonebiz is a trusted partner to multiple top global brands.



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