Regeneration of Devices

Device regeneration for re-sale is fast becoming a high income generator for many companies and Fonebiz has the experience, expertise and technology to help your organisation maximise its profit via a number of service options.

Device shipments are received and graded for 'current state' re-sell value before being moved through the regeneration process, where they are assessed for functional repair and screen replacement opportunities. Goods are then detailed via the cleaning and cosmetic renewal process, comprising buffing and polishing of screens and housings to increase the grade and value. Finally, each device is subjected to a certified, full data wipe process to remove any remaining user data and content.

With an extensive and trusted portfolio of industry clients and relationships, Fonebiz can also link your organisation with channels for product acquisition and re-marketing opportunities including retail buy-back schemes, corporate fleet recycling and device replacement programs.


Online Shop

We have a wide range of used phones available for purchase. Please note that these are used phones and, as such, the condition of the units will vary. For more information -- or to place an order -- contact Rania:

(02) 9597-8933

List of phones for sale

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